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  • 洗核機 Introduction of stone washer

    應用領域 Scope of application:


    Main application: Various stone fruit materials are separated from the residual pulp on the stone.(Scope of application: fruits with hard stone, such as peaches, apricots, etc.)


    設備特點 Equipment advantages:

    (1) 機架采用全框架整體焊接結構,整體剛性好,震動小。

    The frame adopts a whole frame welding structure, with good overall rigidity and low vibration.

    (2) 出廠前,轉軸均通過了動平衡實驗,產品性能均達到要求。

    Before leaving the factory, the rotating shafts have passed the dynamic balance test, and the product performance match the requirements.
    (3) 出核口活動門采用獨特的鉸鏈機構設計,一個人就能夠水平輕松地打開活動門,使得篩網的清洗、更換更方便。
    The movable door of the stone outlet adopts a unique hinge mechanism design, one person can easily open the movable door horizontally, making the cleaning and replacement of the screen more convenient.

    (4) 全不銹鋼制造,符合食品衛生標準。

    All made by stainless steel, match the food sanitary standard.
    (5) 配置自動清洗接口,內置多角度噴淋頭,清洗自動化程度高。

    Design with auto cleaning interface, inner with multi-angle spray ball, high standard of auto cleaning.

    (6) 可安裝于流水線上,自動化生產,勞動強度低。

    The machine can be designed on a processing line, auto production with low labor intensity.
    (7) 整機除進、排料外,為全封閉結構,安全防護性能好。

    Fully enclosed structure except the feeding and discharging, good safety protection performance.